Underdog seeks to win MMA reality show

 At the age of 44 it doesn’t seem like the is much hope for John Shaddock our of the Eldersburg/Sykesville are of Maryland.  John is a 44 year old MMA trainer that has his own school in Carroll County Maryland.  While most guys are happy to stay on the sidelines and coach, one might ask why would Shaddock at 44 want to put himself through this.  To find out you will have to know the man.

  At the age of 3 Shaddock began wrestling in the Shaddock family garage.  John was the youngest of the four brothers, Chris, Scott and Dale.  Having 3 state champions as older brothers the Youngest Shaddock or “Bones” as he was nick named ,had become burnt out of wrestling after 12 years . By age 16 ventured intro boxing with his older brother Chris.  soon brothers Scott and Dale followed and the Fighting Shaddock brothers were born. After two trips the the Vermont state Golden Gloves finals and a New England Diamond Belt Championship Bones found himself looking to be competitive in the sales field more so than in Athletics.  And quit competing.

  Over the years he became involved in Shorin Ryu karate, and Aikido but did not receive the competitive itch again till they were looking for fighters to try out for the reality show The Condender.  Although Shaddock had retired, he had continued to spar with friends and clients and had kept himself into shape.  He tried out for the show in DC and Philadelphia but at 210 pounds there was no way he was going to make the middleweight limit (160 pounds)finally decided by the shows producers. 

  As time went on Shaddock still hungry for a challenge decided to look for a jiujitsu studio.  When he found one that wanted to trade his services as a boxing coach for Free lessons it was a done deal . Shaddock trained and won the Battle of Baltimore as well as the Md Open jiujitsu tournaments. Years down the road his jiujitsu instructor left and Shaddock took over the lease and Shaddock MMA Academy was born.

  A good friend had approached Shaddock about trying out for a new reality show Warrior Island.  Warrior Island is a new reality show where they take 16 fighters and put them on the Island to fight for $500,000. Coaches on the Island will be legends Dan Severn, Renzo Gracie, Relson Gracie, Ron Van Clief, and many, Many more. Shaddocks competitve nature led him to send in his video.  Now currently ranked third he has a great chance of competing on the Island.  And although he is a little long in the tooth, you should definitely not count him out!!!  To vote for John simply go to the link below and hit like on YouTube.  You must have a YouTube account to hit like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3VWNqFXwi4