Your Fitness Takes Time


It doesn’t matter if you are thin as a rail or maybe have a little extra pounds, that should not have an effect on you showing up and training.   There are a lot of degrees of fitness out there, you could be very thin and unfit as well.  Do you feel good, do you have energy, can you touch your toes?

I have found the people who are in the best shape in my gym are the ones who show up regularly.  Shocker right?  But you don’t have to come in 5 days per week.  Start out with short goals of twice per week and once you start seeing results you will want to make the time.

Don’t let your work stop you or your family stop you, you need to make time for you.  Do you have 2 hours per week to spend on a fitness program?  I am betting you do.

Hope to see you in the gym.

Keep your hands up.

John “Bones” Shaddock



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