Finding my Niche at Shaddock MMA Fitness

Not to long ago we were doing a little bit of everything Boxing, jiujitsu with the gi, wrestling, Kickboxing and somewhere along the line we had lost our identity.   Were we a boxing gym, Kickboxing gym, a traditional jiujitsu school or a wrestling school.   As with everything your gym tends to evolve. Our niche is fitness through the martial arts.  The style of martial arts is Western martial arts of boxing, wrestling, catch as catch can wrestling and kickboxing.

BOXING AND BOXING FITNESS- I teach one of the ONLY boxing fitness classes taught by a former Golden Gloves boxer.  I also work the corner and train any people who want competitive boxing.

WRESTLING- I started wrestling at age 3 and quit when I was 15, I have decided to add it back into the curriculum as it is a great sport .  We teach the younger kids basics and are looking to have open mat session in the summer.

Catch as Catch Can wrestling- I have decided to do away with arts dealing with the Gi and ONLY have non Gi martial arts.  I decided to partner myself with ISWA and add CACC wrestling to our curriculum.  It combines the pinning of wrestling and the submissions of Judo and Jiujitsu.

I have studied in multiple martial arts such as Shorin Ryu, Aikido and Jeet Kune do and we do add some stuff into the classes from time to time to stop it from becoming boring.

I hope that you will come in and visit my gym soon.

Keep your hands up,

John “Original Bones” Shaddock


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