Getting in the gym, it’s up to you in Sykesville Maryland

Shaddockmma logo The hardest part of joining a gym is just getting in the door.  A big part of not joining a health club, martial arts gym or working with a personal trainer is fear.  When they are training health club consultants they are taught to learn about the average persons’ fears.  Physique anxiety, fear of looking stupid, and fear of looking like a Klutz are the main ones that people experience.  The biggest thing to realize is everyone goes through this, everyone is afriad.  No one starts out going into a health club or martial arts studio for the first time knowing everything.  The other extreme is the person who was really fit, and gotten out of shape and is embarrassed on how they look now.  That again is another obstacle most find hard to over come, but you can do it.

What I love about my gym is we have people of all  ages, and all shapes and sizes.  I have people of all levels in the same class, people with injuries, young and old, fighters and people just getting fit all in the same class.  In my class you compete with yourself.  No one is going to worry about what your doing as they are working on there own fitness. My goal is to get Carroll County fit one person at a time.  I am hoping more people will get involved in a fitness program that are not already.  If you have a friend who could my class could help please share this with them.

Keep your hands up,

John “The Original Bones” Shaddock


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