Do You Think You Can?

1932529_10152559387008026_7841719456649798121_o (1)A wise man once said “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, your right.”  Unfortunately most people think they can’t, and so they don’t.  Quitting is easy, staying dedicated is hard.

I was never the most gifted athlete, I was always the guy that figured out if the other guy is twice as talented than me, but I work twice as hard as him, I can even the playing field.  I am fortunate a lot to have competed on a high level in my life, not because by any means was I gifted, but I worked my butt off.  This is true in life as well as in sports.

Many people don’t start on a fitness program because they already envision it being to hard.  Don’t join a gym because they see themselves quitting in a month.  Don’t buy that tread mill because they already see it becoming a clothing rack.

It’s up to you, not your trainer, not your spouse, not your parents, not your kids…..YOU.  Today is the day, as Apollo Creed said in Rocky 3 “There is no tomorrow!”  Get started on your goals today.  YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I think I may have just motivated myself.  There is no telling what goal I may be chasing now.

keep your hands up,

John “The Original Bones” Shaddock


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