Looking For Wrestlers in Carroll County Maryland


The sport that got me involved in combat athletics was wrestling.  If you look closely on the picture I am the smallest one, I was the 94 pounder on the Varsity wrestling team my freshman year.  Being the smallest and skinniest of my brothers I earned the nick name Bones.

Years later it was because of my wrestling background that I would pursue jiujitsu classes and eventually get into catch as catch can wrestling.  Since I owe the fact that I own an MMA gym in a sense to wrestling I wanted to start an open mat class.  Every Tuesday and Thursday at 515 PM  we are having open mat for wrestling.  I am hoping to get high school, college and some old dogs like myself who want to dust off their uniforms and roll.  All are welcome.

Keep your hands up,

John “The Original Bones” Shaddock



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