Better Than CrossFit In Sykesville, MD

I have been teaching Fitbox, MMAFit, Fitbox Circuit and Outdoor conditioning for years.  I find it funny when this New Crossfit class gets a tone of attention as a NEW fad and new type of class.   Circuit classes have been around for years, in fact my older brother Chris started a class called boxercize incorporating boxing and circuit fitness in one class.  But honestly I think the classes at Shaddock MMA Fitness although not as well known are better and here is why.

CrossFit classes incorporate a lot of big body movements, like deadlifts, squats and other lifting exercises better suited for younger, fit athletes and better if highly supervised.  In most CrossFit classes it is usually one instructor so poor form can be much of a factor.  Being an instructor, I make sure my students are safe first, it is important when dealing with multiple fitness levels that you do make sure everyone can do the exercises.

My classes provide something for all fitness levels, all ages, all shapes and sizes.  So if you are sick of weights, and want something new to do, come see Shaddock MMA Fitness.  You will be glad you did.  Go to for schedule of classes.


Keep your hands up,

John Shaddock

Owner Shaddock MMA Fitness