Grapplers Wanted in Sykesville, MD


If you are a former wrestler looking for that same kind of workout, this is the class for you.  If you are a high school or college wrestler looking for a great off season workout Shaddock MMA Fitness is the place for you.  We have submission wrestling AKA No Gi Jiujitsu 4 nights per week and open mat on Saturday.

At Shaddock MMA Fitness we teach a different style of grappling than the norm.  First off we don’t do belts we don’t wear uniforms, it’s just like wrestling practice in college or HS.  We have combined the basic take downs of wrestling, with 10th planet style of jiujitsu sprinkled with a little bit of catch wrestling.

Most importantly we incorporate a ton of fitness in our classes.  Not only will you be learning self defense, you will be getting in great shape.  We have competitive and non competitive grapplers.  We…

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