Shaddock MMA to changing fitness in Sykesville Maryland

When I started Shaddock MMA I started with a fighting gym.  We had boxers, MMA fighters and a grappling team.  I did enjoy my coaching time but have found that my true passion was the grind.  The training for the fights was what I enjoyed most.   Shaddock MMA is going to become the areas first Fitness Dojo.   Although teaching fitness, we also focus on proper self defense technique.


I started going to a jiujitsu dojo to get in shape and lose weight.  I was on a trade out membership and was teaching his fighters to box and learning jiujitsu.  When he decided to leave the gym, I took over the lease and Shaddock MMA was born.  I find there are many people who don’t like gyms and are looking for a great way to get in shape.  We have all of the great training methods of boxing, Thai boxing, Wrestling, jijjitsu, and other martial arts without the full contact.   If you are older and have always wanted to train like a fighter, but didn’t want to get hit we are the gym for you.


Come on in and check out our variety of classes that NO ONE ELSE HAS as I have created them over the years.  FitBox, GirlBox, IronBox, MMMFit, GrappleFit, CaveFit and coming soon FloFit.  Get in shape while you learn how to defend yourself.  We are still taking in NEW members.   Contact me for more information at


Keep Your Hands up,

John “Bones” Shaddock


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