NEW S.H.I.E.L.D. Self Defense Seminars In Sykesville Maryland


I have been approached by many students about teaching street self defense.  After many requests I finally have decided to start teaching seminars.  My gym has been mainly for the most part an Mixed Martial Arts facility, so most people ONLY see me as an MMA coach but I am more than that.

Throughout my life I have trained in many disciplines.  I started wrestling at age 3 competing in tournaments with my brothers growing up.  As I got older I got into boxing and competed in Golden Gloves for 8 years.  When wanting to get into kick boxing I trained in Shorin Ryu Karate and learned the basic kicks. So the striking in my system in Boxing and Shorin Ryu.   I have learned weapons defense from Aikido and Jeet Kune Do. I have taken my grab and ground escapes and submissions from Gaijin Ryu and Brazilian Jiujitsu. Finally…

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