Why do the other fighters hate McGregor?


He’s bold, he’s brash and has a cutting wit.  He also is a talent, but the UFC fighters for the most part can’t stand Conor McGregor.  My brothers and I will be heading to UFC 205 to see the most polarizing fighter in MMA today.

What I find interesting is the hate that most of the fighters have for this guy.  What they seem for forget, like it or hate it, the guy moves the needle.  Without him the press conferences would be boring.  Not only does he move the needle in viewers but also in fighters pay.  Much like Ali before him, he is breaking records in fighter purses, not only for him self but setting a precedence for future fighters purses.  He made Nate Diaz a millionaire.

Instead of hating Mystic Mac these fighters should be thanking him and maybe even following suit.  The game might get more…

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