Thinking About It Isn’t Getting You Any Closer To Reaching Your Goals In Eldersburg, MD

The biggest thing stopping most people from getting started on a fitness program is procrastination.  We think about it, then we come up with excuses why we can’t do it.  Unfortunately we are usually listening to that voice in our head that says “don’t do it”.

There are a lot of excuses if you think about it and your goal is to overcome them and act now.  TIME is one of the biggest excuses, people always say I don’t have time.  Truth is you do.  The amount of time people spend on social media, and on the computer, is more than enough time to catch a workout a day in.  If you come as little as two classes per week for a year, that’s 104 days and almost a third of a year on a fitness program.

COMMITMENT is the another excuse that people use.  Most gyms and martial arts studios put you in a one year or 2 year agreement.   At Shaddock MMA Fitness we have very flexible agreements and short term memberships.

PRICE is also a big factor in todays fitness program.  But if your talking about just price the Big guys, the Gold’s and the Merrit’s will beat us.  But if you are talking about COST, or value for your dollar than we are the place. Are you getting the service you want at your facility.  Our classes are small and considered group personal training.  When you factor that in our PRICE is much lower than the competition.

Come on in and train, I think you will be glad you did.  If you want to experience something totally different, get fit and have fun, come in and try Shaddock MMA Fitness. Go to for schedule of classes.


Keep your hands up,

John Shaddock

Owner Shaddock MMA Fitness


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