Are You Learning Boxing Fitness From A Boxer In Sykesville, MD

Most boxing fitness classes can get you in shape, but are they teaching you correct form?  This is a great question.  You will find most of the boxing fitness classes are taught by aerobics instructors and personal trainers.  Although the trainers may be in great shape most lack the proper form of a boxer.   A lot of people will do the class to get in shape, but wouldn’t it be even better to learn proper form so you can also defend yourself.  If you come to Shaddock MMA Fitness and train with John “Bones” Shaddock you will get in shape and learn proper technique.

John Shaddock is a former two time Golden Gloves finalist and New England Diamond Belt Boxing champion.  John and his brothers were sparring partners for Kevin “The Bear” Daigle who fought Gianfranco Rossi for the world Jr Middle Weight title. Coach Shaddock is a USA Boxing Certified coach.  At age 19 he started teaching “Boxercise” as boxing fitness class developed by his older brother  and boxing coach Chris.  Throughout the years John has developed a class of his own called Fitbox which has takes bits of Boxercise mixed with various fitness exercises he learned over the years.  Fitbox not only teaches boxing fitness exercises but also proper footwork and correct form when punching.  John is now teaching a boxing workshop which will go over all of the elements of boxing and will include controlled technical sparring .  If you are interested in the class or the workshop contact John at


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