Why I Think Conor McGregor Has A Shot Against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I can see all of my friends who are boxers, and boxing enthusiasts rolling their eyes already.  The truth is on paper is a boxing match between these two shouldn’t even be close.  Floyd is arguably one of the best defensive fighters of all time. Conor has never fought a professional boxing match.  But stranger things have happened haven’t they?  Does anyone remember a guy named Buster Douglas?  The night Buster fought Mike Tyson I didn’t even watch,  I went out that night and got a phone call from my brother telling me Tyson was KO’d.  Who Knew Buster had it in him, who knew Iron Mike was not taking the fight seriously?  The one thing the tale of the tape does not account for is intangibles, and that is how I believe Conor McGregor is going to win this fight.

First and foremost you have to take into account how awkward of a style that McGregor has. The one post fight comment by most of his opponents was he moved differently than anyone else I have fought.  For those who follow Conor do know of his unorthodox training methods .  His training with Mixed Movement Artist Ido Portal has made him a difficult target for his adversaries.  He will be coming in from different angles which could make it possible for him to solve the unsolvable puzzle that is Floyd Mayweather JR and might be able to catch him.  It only takes one good punch.

A bigger factor is how is this going to affect Floyd  mentally.  As John Scully writes in his book The Iceman Diaries “The wait in the dressing room before a professional fight -that last hour- could be enough to strip a man who never fought before of whatever heart, pride and courage he thought he had” -Iceman John Scully, April 2002.  Don’t get me wrong, Floyd has fought in every event possible on the boxing stage so this should be a cake walk right?  But the big difference here is if he wins, he is supposed to, if he loses to a non-pro boxer, mma fighter, it will ruin his legacy.  Also team McGregor is going to get under Floyd’s skin like no other opponent has ever done.  An old Floyd who has probably lost a step might be walking into the lions den when he meets the Irish man this fall.

All being said only former fighters like myself who have experienced the “Wait in the dressing room…” That John Scully talks about can appreciate how real the threat doubt is.  Your mind plays games with you before a fight, you ultimately are your own toughest opponent. All I am saying is if a 40 year old Floyd Mayweather JR is not on his game, and has a little doubt in him beforehand,  we could see an upset.

Keep Your Hands Up,

John “Bones” Shaddock




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