Bringing Service Back To The Fitness Industry In Sykesville Maryland

At age 18, 31 years ago, I decided to join my brothers in the health club business.  My brother Chris owned a health club and brothers Dale and Scott were working there as well.  The club was very successful and mainly because of the philosophy.  The club was took pride on it’s sales and service.  When you sold a membership, you also worked that customer out, made all of your own follow up calls.  You called and asked how their membership was going, and just plain stayed in touch with the customer, knew their name, goals etc.  Years later I went out on my own and began to work for some of the bigger chains in the Fitness industry.  I found they had a new philosophy.  They created a sales department, a service department and a concierge dept.  The sales department would sell the membership, the service department would work the person out and the concierge department would follow up with the customer.  Sounds like it is more efficient but I felt these clubs lost their personal touch.

When I decided to leave the health club industry some years ago and open my own Martial Arts and Fitness Center.  What is very unique is there is no sales, service and concierge department, there is only me.  My goal is to sell through my service by offering FREE 30 minute sessions to each person interested in my gym.  After they become a member I make it a point to follow up with them and make sure their progress is going well.  I make it a habit to find the latest and greatest exercises  and add them to my classes I also attend multiple seminars every year, to create the ultimate class experience.  I have created an environment much like Cheers ‘Where everybody knows your name.”

To come in try a FREE 30 minute session all you need to do is go to and click on the contact part.  Fill that out and send in and I will personally call you and set up a time for your orientation to the gym.

Keep your hands up,

Coach John “Bones” Shaddock