Shaddock MMA Fitness, Great For Teens, As Real As It Get’s In Sykeville,MD

To be clear Shaddock MMA Fitness is not your traditional Mixed Martial Arts studio.  Although we used to train guys to fight in the cage, that is no longer the case. What we do is teach conditioning through functional MMA training.  You can learn the basics of MMA without taking any punishment.  If you have a teenager who wants to get into MMA, you will want to get them involved in our gym, before joining a competitive MMA gym.

First of all whenever I trained fighters the most important component I feel is heart.  Heart is something that can’t be taught, you either have it or you don’t.  The first thing you need to work on is conditioning, if you can’t make it in conditioning you will never make it in the cage.  Everyone wants to spar but no one really wants to train.  If you really have a passion for MMA you will go through the training to get the reward of sparring.  Your teens will get fit at our gym.

Most teenagers don’t realize, but they cannot compete in MMA in the surrounding states until they are 18.  There is no point in hard core sparring at a young age especially since they can’t compete until 18.  At Shaddock MMA Fitness I like to ease the kids into contact.  If you throw young kids into full contact sparring too quickly they can develop bad habits.  One bad sparring session at a young age can make impressionable kids lose interest.

For the kids who want a little more we do have sparring nights.  On sparring nights we do boxing sparring but I have them doing what I call technical sparring.  In technical sparring you limit what type of punches can be thrown and work on defending and striking in a much safer way. Kids learn combat without getting all banged up.

On grapple box night we do some live grappling, but only at the end of the workout when the students are tired and less aggressive so no one gets hurt.  We focus a majority of the training on drilling basic moves of submission grappling, this causes less injury.

All in all my gym is a great gym for kids looking to get started and learn basics of MMA .  Shaddock MMA Fitness will get your kids fit and teach them basic offense and defense.  The next time your kids think of wanting to join an MMA gym think of Shaddock MMA Fitness.



Learn The Art Of Boxing In Eldersburg, Maryland

If you are looking for a boxing fitness class nowadays you can find one in most gyms.  There have even been some boxing fitness gyms opening up.  All are good workouts in their own right, but do they actually teach the art of boxing? The truth of the matter is most of the gyms hire aerobic instructors to teach boxing like movements to do to aerobic dance music.  But they don’t actually teach boxing. Shaddock MMA Fitness is something different.

Coach Shaddock has been involved in boxing for over 30 years.  A USA Boxing Certified coach John’s  class teaches the basics of boxing from soup to nuts.  You will learn footwork, basic punches, defense and how to hit the various bags that hang at the gym.  So you will not only get a fantastic workout but you will also learn how to defend yourself through the art of boxing.

The best thing about any of the classes is they are for all ages, all fitness levels, and is good for beginners and advanced students alike.  There is something for everyone in the family.   Before you sign up at any of the other gyms, come try the best first, Shaddock MMA Fitness.   To make sure you feel comfortable taking the class I am offering a FREE one on one training session and orientation on the equipment.  Just go to and fill out the contact form and I will contact you to set up your FREE training session.  I hope to see you in the gym.

What To Look For In A Boxing Fitness Gym In Sykesville Maryland

The Money crashers blog stated that the 5 benefits of a boxing fitness class are

  1. Enhanced Cardiovascular Health
  2. Improved Total-Body Strength
  3. Better Hand-Eye Coordination
  4.  Decreased Stress
  5. Improved Body Composition

Well Shaddock MMA Fitness does focus on all of these and I will show you how.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health- All of the classes at Shaddock MMA Fitness focus on cardiovascular health.  We have a variety of classes to get your heart pumping.  We have FITBOX, IRONBOX, GIRLBOX AND GRAPPLEBOX, each is a great cardio workout.

Improved Total-Body Strength- Our Fitbox and Girlbox classes build body strength through exercises like push ups and sit ups.  GrappleBox uses functional exercises that relate to grappling to build strength.  IronBox uses traditional and non- traditional weight exercises to build muscle and strength.

Better Hand-Eye Coordination- This is probably the biggest area that separates Shaddock MMA from the competition.  While shadow boxing and heavy bag training can help with hand-eye coordination, there is no substitute for the light bags.  At Shaddock MMA Fitness we not only have a variety of different heavy bags, but we have speed bags, double end bags and slipping bags which focus on hand eye coordination.

Decreased Stress- Working out in general will reduce your stress level, but nothing will get rid of your stress like punching out a heavy bag.

Improved Body Composition- Although people say they want to lose weight, ideally they want an improved body composition.  What that means is low fat and increased toned muscle.  All of the classes at Shaddock MMA Fitness will achieve that.


Variety Is The Key To Success At Shaddock MMA Fitness

Probably the biggest reason for success at Shaddock MMA Fitness is variety.   One of the main reasons people quit a fitness program is boredom.   As of late a new crop of boxing fitness gyms are popping up.   So when you are comparing, you will notice a big difference between Shaddock MMA Fitness and the other guys.

When I talk about variety the first thing is the bags.  Coach Shaddock has taken his favorite bags and put all types of different heavy bags, speed bags and double end bags so that you won’t be bored with your workouts.  In his IronBox class John adds multiple pieces of fitness equipment to the circuit.  Much like changing the pins on a golf course, Shaddock changes the order of the exercises to make the circuit a different workout every single time.

Probably the most important variety is in the people that workout at the gym.  It’s not your average gym.  My customers come in all shapes and sizes, all ages.  The beauty of the classes is that a competitive boxer and a brand new student can take the same class and get the same great workout.

Remember when your workout gets boring you won’t see the results you want.  It also makes it easier to show up.  So if you want the best results come to Shaddock MMA Fitness.  We’ve been in business for 10 years for a reason.  Go to and fill out the contact form.  You will get a FREE 30 minute session with coach Shaddock to try the gym out.

Shaddock MMA Fitness Is A Gym For The Whole Family In Eldersburg MD

As if late there have been a crop of boxing fitness centers to come up in the area.  There are a couple of things that differentiate Shaddock MMA Fitness from the other guys.  One big thing is it’s not only owner operated but it has been in business for 10 years,   The other thing that separates us is we are family oriented, we have something for the whole family.

Shaddock MMA has multiple adult boxing fitness classes as well as Kids MMA and Fitness classes work with kids as young as 4 years old.  Our Kids MMA and Fitness program focuses on martial arts basics.  Kids will learn basics of kick boxing, school boy wrestling and submission grappling.  They learn in a fun safe environment through games and skill drills.

I also cater to families who want to train together.  With a flexible training schedule I have the ability to train a family by training at odd hours to fit the kids schedule and Mom and Dad’s schedule.

If you are interested in training with me contact me through my website at and fill out the contact form.  Next time you are shopping for a boxing fitness gym, find one that caters to the whole family.  See you in the gym.

Family Personal Training A New Trend In Sykesville, MD

With cell phones and Facebook and emails etc, it’s hard for a family to connect.  Todays hustle and bustle make it hard to have a conversation or spend time with each other.  Business meetings, kids soccer games, school plays all seem to get in the way.  What if there was a way to connect with the family in a healthy way?  Shaddock MMA Fitness has the answer.

Lately a trend has been happening in the Sykesville/Eldersburg area.   Families are coming to me and asking me to train them all, at the same time.  So I have started training family groups of all ages and fitness levels. The beauty of what I do is I can tailor the workout to whatever the family wants.  Want strictly exercise I can do that.  If you want self defense, I can do that.  If you want a little of both I can also do that.  For less than going out to dinner or to a feature film for the family, you can get them fit and they can learn basic self defense.

If you are interested in trying out a FREE 30 minute session with me, go to and fill out the contact form.  You won’t be disappointed.

Teaching Boxing Since 1987, Shaddock Teaches Boxing Fitness In Sykesville, MD

There have been a lot of boxing gyms popping up in Maryland lately.   When choosing one you want to choose carefully.  First off, experience will help.  Now we know most people aren’t planning on stepping through the ropes anytime soon, but doesn’t it make sense to learn the correct form when learning to box. Not only do you want to learn from someone who has boxed but also someone who has coached fighters.  The last thing you want is someone who has some fitness experience.  You will get all of these at Shaddock MMA Fitness.

In 1987 John “Bones” Shaddock a Golden Gloves boxer was working at a health club in Vermont.  He had been asked by his older brother Chris to help out teaching his brothers Boxercise class.  Shaddock, a New England Diamond Belt Boxing Champion eventually left his brother’s gym in Vermont and taught at multiple gyms up and down the East coast.  John didn’t only have boxing experience but worked as a trainer being certified in fitness training and plyometrics through N.A.H.F.  Coach Shaddock has worked with amateur and professional boxers and MMA fighters helping them get ready for fights and even working their corners.

In 2008 John opened Shaddock MMA Fitness and began teaching Fitbox.  As the school grew he added Girlbox (womens only), IronBox (boxing and circuit training) , and GrappleBox (boxing and submission wrestling).  These are unique classes that you won’t find anywhere else.  They are always changing and evolving so the customer gets the best results.

If you are interested in getting fit and learning basic self defense come in to Shaddock MMA Fitness.  Go to and fill out the contact form.  You will be glad you did.