Old Former Athletes Wanted!!

If you are a former athlete you miss that hunger every day.  That reason to get up and train, that team comradery .   Now your in you late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with a beer gut and no motivation.  The solution?  Shaddock MMA Fitness.

Remember the old days with a coach pumping you up, a group of team members with the same goal, only now it is to get back in shape.  You will get that at Shaddock mma fitness.  No this is not jogging and lifting weights, but a variety of skill drills and athletic exercises that will never get you bored.

If you want to compete, coach Shaddock will corner you for one fight or coach you up through a grappling tourney to feel those glory days again.

Whether you want to get in the ring or on the mat, or just look like you can we are the gym for you.  Just Set up a time with Coach Shaddock for a FREE 30 minute training session and get your 2nd Sports career started.  Coach Shaddock Competed in Europe in the 5 on 5 championships at age 46, no reason you can’t compete too.  See you in the gym!!



Why Do My Elements Of Boxing Workshop In Sykesville Maryland

My boxing workshop will be starting this Saturday April 1st at 4 pm.  The purpose of this workshop is to teach beginners to be able to spar.  Although this is the objective of most coming to this event, I assure you it will not just be people flailing at each other.

They way my brothers and I learned was sink or swim.  We were thrown in the ring on day one, and learned to box the hard way.  I don’t agree with this type of teaching.  What I have done is picked 6 elements of boxing that will enhance your skills and make you better at all aspects of boxing.  Each session is going to focus on a different component of the sweet science.


  1. Advanced Shadow Boxing And Footwork
  2. Advanced Punching Bag Drills
  3. Combination Punching And Using Them On The Bags
  4. Defense
  5. Counter Punching And Reaction Punching
  6. Controlled Technical Sparring

The goal of the workshop is to give people who are novices in boxing a better understanding of what it takes to spar and how to get the best out of your Fitboxing Workouts.  I hope to see you all there.

Keep Your Hands UP,

Johnny “Bones” Shaddock


When would NOW be a good time to start a fitness program in Sykesville Maryland

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I listen to many motivational speakers, and one speaker Anthony Robbins says a particular line.  He states “When would NOW be a good time to get started.”  When starting on a fitness program it’s easy to make excuses to not get started.

I want to wait till the kids are out of school.  I want to wait till after my vacation.  I want to wait till I am feeling 100%.  I want to wait till I am done with my diet.

This isn’t to pick on anyone, not ONLY have I heard a ton of these, I have even said some of them to myself.  The thing is to recognize this and to stop it.   When would NOW be a good time to get started, means there is NO when.   The time is now.

At Shaddock MMA Fitness we are going to make it easy for you. We are going to let people try our gym for 30 DAYS FREE.  Come try the classes out with NO OBLIGATION.  What have you got to lose except a few pound.

Keep your hands up,

John “The Original Bones” Shaddock


A different type of training in Carroll County Maryland

I have been involved in combat athletics since I was 3 years old training with my brothers on the wrestling mats we had in our garage. With a nick name like “Bones” my life was a struggle wanting to put on muscle and outgrow my nick name.  Being involved in sports like Wrestling, boxing and bodybuilding I learned how to get in peak condition as well as lose weight when necessary.   At age 46 when most people have retired I am still competitive and have learned how to train at this age and still stay injury free.

1982 New York State Private School Wrestling Bronze Medalist

1989 Vermont State Golden Gloves Finalist

1989 New England Diamond Belt Champion

1991 Vermont State Golden Gloves Finalist

1993 NPC Bodybuilding Finalist

2008 Battle of Baltimore Novice Jiujitsu champion

July 2014 Captain of Team USA 5 on 5 MMA Championships in Europe

December 2014 Coach of Team UK 5 on 5 MMA Championships in Europe

I know what it takes to win.  I know how to get you in great shape. Whether you want to fight in the ring or just look like you can I am the trainer for you.

I can train you in my gym or in your home, I even train people on Sundays if need be.

Contact me for a FREE 30 minute workout.

Keep your hands up,

John “The Original Bones” Shaddock