A Different Kind Of Gym In Sykesville MD

Ten years ago I was working in the health club business.  I had gotten heavy and out of shape.  In search of a workout different than lifting and aerobics I found the Gaijin Ryu Dojo in Sykesville MD.  I had an agreement with my instructor Master Lee, if I taught his guys to box, he would teach me jiujitsu for free.  A partnership was born. About 6 months later my instructor left the area and asked if I wanted to take over the lease, and  Shaddock MMA Fitness was born.

I started Shaddock MMA Fitness as a strictly MMA gym.  I trained fighters and we fought in PA, Virginia and New Jersey.   The travel was brutal and although I had a blast doing it I found as my girls got older I had more obligations and needed to stop training fighters and keep my business local.

Shaddock MMA Fitness has changed to give me the best of both worlds.  Although I don’t train “fighters”  I do train average people like fighters.  Teaching them the techniques I learned in Golden Gloves boxing, Gaijin Ryu jiujitsu and amateur wrestling.  Although I competed as a body builder in the Vermont NPC championships, I got bored lifting weights.  Lifting never made me feel the same as I did at the end of a boxing workout, jiujitsu class or wrestling practice.  I always have loved training for combat sports and have taken every thing I have learned over the years and designed classes to make others get fit while enjoying it.

My goal is to get Sykesville fit one person at a time.  I hope you or your children will come try my boxing fitness and jiujitsu classes.  I really have a different type of gym and I feel the best clients out there.  I hope to see you in the gym one day.

Keep your hands up,

Coach John “Bones” Shaddock


The Evolution Of Shaddock MMA Fitness, In Sykesville, Maryland

In 2008 I was given an opportunity to take over a space and start teaching MMA in Sykesville, Maryland.   At the time I was working at Brick Bodies.  I had been in the health club business for 20 + years.   I had had 12 years of wrestling experience and was a former Diamond Belt Boxing Champion.  At first the emphasis was on MMA.  I had a fight team and we also had a boxing fitness class.  As years went on I had noticed a trend, that people were starting to go to MMA gyms not to fight, but for the workout experience.

After years of training fighters I have decided to take the knowledge of getting competitors into shape and teach the average person basic techniques so as to get them in great shape and learn some self defense as well.   I do train some fighters one on one but most of the clientele are what should be deemed regular people.  Doctor, lawyers, Police officers and such have started coming in to the gym to get fit.  I am hoping to get the word out that we are a gym for everyone.  Our motto is “Whether you want to fight in the cage, or just look like you can we are the gym for you.”   Although we have some teenagers who train at our gym, you will find our average customer is in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

If you are tired of the same old weight workout and step class, please come on in.  I have some very unique classes.  Go to shaddockmma.com for more information.   I hope to see you in the gym.


Keep your hands up,

John “Bones” Shaddock

Owner Shaddock MMA Fitness



Price and Value Of Your Fitness and Martial Arts Membership In Sykesville MD

In these economic times, understandably people are looking for the best price in anything.  Sometimes price makes sense.  Everyone likes a deal !  In the case of your health and fitness and self defense, you should really look at the value.  There are a lot of chain health clubs and McDojos out there boasting to be the best but what are you really gaining?

When I compare price to value, it will seem confusing, but here me out.  Is a $30 a month membership to gym you join worth it?   Are you getting service, instruction, and motivation?  If you don’t want or need any of those, then yes $30 per month is awesome.  For the many people I have met who have spent $30 a month and never go, it is wasted money.  At my gym you can train in small groups (10-15), or you can do personal training.  It’s not $30 a month, but you will see results.  What is better health, a slimmer waist line, a lower heart rate worth to you?  Can you put a price on that?

As far as the McDojos, and there are a few in my area, I look at the value in a different way.  I don’t charge for testing, belts etc.  I teach fitness through self defense.  You will learn how to defend yourself and be fit.  I don’t boast a guaranteed black belt in 3 years, but you will learn to defend yourself.  You will have an owner who is the instructor.  An owner who will roll with and spar with you.  You will learn hands on.  Having an owner on site helps to make changes when necessary to make the gym and the customers experience better.

We are not the cheapest fitness center in the area, we are not the most expensive dojo in the area, what I can tell you is we are the best value in the area.  I do hope you will come on in and try my gym.  Go to shaddockmma.com for schedule of classes.

Keep your hands up,

John Shaddock

Owner Shaddock MMA Fitness

When would NOW be a good time to start a fitness program in Sykesville Maryland

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I listen to many motivational speakers, and one speaker Anthony Robbins says a particular line.  He states “When would NOW be a good time to get started.”  When starting on a fitness program it’s easy to make excuses to not get started.

I want to wait till the kids are out of school.  I want to wait till after my vacation.  I want to wait till I am feeling 100%.  I want to wait till I am done with my diet.

This isn’t to pick on anyone, not ONLY have I heard a ton of these, I have even said some of them to myself.  The thing is to recognize this and to stop it.   When would NOW be a good time to get started, means there is NO when.   The time is now.

At Shaddock MMA Fitness we are going to make it easy for you. We are going to let people try our gym for 30 DAYS FREE.  Come try the classes out with NO OBLIGATION.  What have you got to lose except a few pound.

Keep your hands up,

John “The Original Bones” Shaddock


Getting in the gym, it’s up to you in Sykesville Maryland

Shaddockmma logo The hardest part of joining a gym is just getting in the door.  A big part of not joining a health club, martial arts gym or working with a personal trainer is fear.  When they are training health club consultants they are taught to learn about the average persons’ fears.  Physique anxiety, fear of looking stupid, and fear of looking like a Klutz are the main ones that people experience.  The biggest thing to realize is everyone goes through this, everyone is afriad.  No one starts out going into a health club or martial arts studio for the first time knowing everything.  The other extreme is the person who was really fit, and gotten out of shape and is embarrassed on how they look now.  That again is another obstacle most find hard to over come, but you can do it.

What I love about my gym is we have people of all  ages, and all shapes and sizes.  I have people of all levels in the same class, people with injuries, young and old, fighters and people just getting fit all in the same class.  In my class you compete with yourself.  No one is going to worry about what your doing as they are working on there own fitness. My goal is to get Carroll County fit one person at a time.  I am hoping more people will get involved in a fitness program that are not already.  If you have a friend who could my class could help please share this with them.

Keep your hands up,

John “The Original Bones” Shaddock


Boxing in Carroll County MD-Sykesville/Eldersburg

If you want to take a boxing fitness class, I mean a REAL boxing fitness class then look no further than Shaddock MMA Fitness.  There is the Fitbox class which incorporates footwork, boxing punches, basic combinations and traditional bag work.  Fitbox Circuit gives you the latest and greatest exercises that the best boxers and MMA fighters are doing including tire flips and sledge hammer wielding.

The coach John “The Original Bones” Shaddock was a two time VT state Golden Gloves finalist and a New England Diamond Belt boxing champion.

At our gym we now have professional boxing title holder King Rock.  For those who want more than just a workout we do sparring and you can spar with Rock and help him on his crusade to gain yet another boxing title.

We are offering 30 days FREE to people interested in joining.   So what do you have to lose?

Finding my Niche at Shaddock MMA Fitness

Not to long ago we were doing a little bit of everything Boxing, jiujitsu with the gi, wrestling, Kickboxing and somewhere along the line we had lost our identity.   Were we a boxing gym, Kickboxing gym, a traditional jiujitsu school or a wrestling school.   As with everything your gym tends to evolve. Our niche is fitness through the martial arts.  The style of martial arts is Western martial arts of boxing, wrestling, catch as catch can wrestling and kickboxing.

BOXING AND BOXING FITNESS- I teach one of the ONLY boxing fitness classes taught by a former Golden Gloves boxer.  I also work the corner and train any people who want competitive boxing.

WRESTLING- I started wrestling at age 3 and quit when I was 15, I have decided to add it back into the curriculum as it is a great sport .  We teach the younger kids basics and are looking to have open mat session in the summer.

Catch as Catch Can wrestling- I have decided to do away with arts dealing with the Gi and ONLY have non Gi martial arts.  I decided to partner myself with ISWA and add CACC wrestling to our curriculum.  It combines the pinning of wrestling and the submissions of Judo and Jiujitsu.

I have studied in multiple martial arts such as Shorin Ryu, Aikido and Jeet Kune do and we do add some stuff into the classes from time to time to stop it from becoming boring.

I hope that you will come in and visit my gym soon.

Keep your hands up,

John “Original Bones” Shaddock