Is Your Martial Art, A Partial Art?

I was watching a blog by John Hackleman, legendary coach of Chuck Liddel.  In his latest blog John poses the question is your art a martial art a partial art?  Now I am paraphrasing but he states that for a martial art to be a complete art it has to have 4 components.    A striking art (boxing or Muay Thai), a wrestling art for take downs and break downs, jiujitsu for submissions, and just as importantly you need to incorporate fitness as part or your art.  There is a quote “fatigue makes cowards of us all.”, and if you are too tired to fight then you cannot defend yourself.  If your training is missing one of the 4 components your style is not complete.

When asked what martial art he recommended, Navy Seal Jacko Willink recommended in this order “Brazilian jiujitsu, followed by western boxing, Muay Thai, and wrestling(the type you see in the Olympics, not the WWE-No disrespect to the WWE).

At Shaddock MMA Fitness we like to do train in all of the elements of martial arts.  Our Fitbox class teaches all aspects of boxing, footwork,  basic punches, defense etc.   For those who want a little more we do sparring.  We have a fighter fighting on ESPN DEPORTES at the end of the month. Our submission wrestling class teaches take downs , breakdowns and elements of wrestling. Our Gaijin Ryu Jiujitsu class teaches Techniques Are Very Similar To Those Found In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Jujitsu & Judo, Korean Yudo & Hapkido, And American Free-Style Wrestling…. Just To Name A Few. Our Iron Box class is a great cardiovascular and strength training class as well as in all of our martial arts classes we drill conditioning.   Our Kids Gaijin Ryu Jiujitsu class combines basic calestenics, the striking arts with the grappling arts so the children are well rounded.

If you are interested in training for fitness or self defense we have the gym for you.  You can email me at or call or text me at 443-280-0812.

Keep your hands up,

Coach Shaddock



Shaddock MMA Fitness’s Home School Fitness Program. What Is It All About.

Two years ago I was contacted by a friend and former member who’s child was being bullied in school and he was looking to home school his daughter.  He asked me if I would be interested in doing a day class for home school children to full fill their P.E. requirement.  Because of this my gym started our Home School program and I am so glad we did.

The difference between our school and most martial arts classes is that we do not wear uniforms or belts so we keep the cost low.  There are also no belt tests which again keeps the cost down.  More importantly is we do teach fitness through the martial arts.  Each class begins with a warm up and calisthenics.  We teach the basics of Boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and kick boxing.

Another big difference in our school and others is we keep the kids constantly active.   Instead of doing katas or breaking board we teach the kids through games and fun skill drills.  Also we teach a variety of basics in a variety of styles.  Most schools focus on one style of martial art.  We teach a variety of styles, each week changing the curriculum so your kids never get bored.

Last but not least we cater to the Home school life style and have our classes at 12:30 pm much like a gym class at school would be.  We don’t do LONG TERM CONTRACTS.  We do short term sessions to coincide with the seasons, fall , winter, and spring.  As always we are looking to increase our enrollment and welcome new students to try our classes.  Most recently we have been looking to start a TEEN MMA and Fitness program.  If any of these are interesting to you go to the website and fill out a form at

Keep Your Hands Up,

Coach John “Bones” Shaddock