Old Former Athletes Wanted!!

If you are a former athlete you miss that hunger every day.  That reason to get up and train, that team comradery .   Now your in you late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s with a beer gut and no motivation.  The solution?  Shaddock MMA Fitness.

Remember the old days with a coach pumping you up, a group of team members with the same goal, only now it is to get back in shape.  You will get that at Shaddock mma fitness.  No this is not jogging and lifting weights, but a variety of skill drills and athletic exercises that will never get you bored.

If you want to compete, coach Shaddock will corner you for one fight or coach you up through a grappling tourney to feel those glory days again.

Whether you want to get in the ring or on the mat, or just look like you can we are the gym for you.  Just Set up a time with Coach Shaddock for a FREE 30 minute training session and get your 2nd Sports career started.  Coach Shaddock Competed in Europe in the 5 on 5 championships at age 46, no reason you can’t compete too.  See you in the gym!!



Set High Goals For Yourself, They Will Keep You Alive

This weekend I achieved one of the many goals on my bucket list.  Seems silly but one of the goals was to run the stairs that Rocky did in the movie.  I have been fortunate enough to achieve a lot of what I set out to do. Four years ago I flew across to Latvia in Europe and was one of only 10 or so Americans to fight in the Team fighting championships. Even though I was 46 at the time, I was getting up every morning at 4 am running and training.  I had set an impossible goal and did it, and you can too.

This past year has been a rough one.  Not only did my Mom pass away, and soon afterward, my father in law passed as well. As devastating as this was, in reflection it taught me to never stop dreaming. what I am saying to you is life is short, follow your dreams as you don’t know what day will be your last.  Keeping yourself fit should be a priority for you. We all tend to prioritize everything else but our health and well being but that is the first thing you should focus on.

I have a goal for my business that I hope you can help me with.  I am looking to make Carroll County fit one person at a time.  Now I have a small martial arts studio, and compared to most fitness centers even smaller but the goal is to get Sykesville/Eldersburg on a fitness program.  I hope to have 100 members by 2019, a lofty but attainable one.  We are a small gym but we make up for it in customer service, creativity and a fun atmosphere.

This trip has recently inspired me to set some more outrageous personal goals for myself (don’t tell my wife).  I hope training with others is something I can be doing for the rest of my life.  Won’t you join me at my gym here in Sykesville/Eldersburg MD.  I think you will be glad you did. Go to Shaddockmma.com and fill out the contact form.  I will call you myself and set up an appointment to meet and see if we can help you reach your goals.

Keep your hands up,

Coach John “Bones” Shaddock

Shaddock MMA Fitness’s Home School Fitness Program. What Is It All About.

Two years ago I was contacted by a friend and former member who’s child was being bullied in school and he was looking to home school his daughter.  He asked me if I would be interested in doing a day class for home school children to full fill their P.E. requirement.  Because of this my gym started our Home School program and I am so glad we did.

The difference between our school and most martial arts classes is that we do not wear uniforms or belts so we keep the cost low.  There are also no belt tests which again keeps the cost down.  More importantly is we do teach fitness through the martial arts.  Each class begins with a warm up and calisthenics.  We teach the basics of Boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and kick boxing.

Another big difference in our school and others is we keep the kids constantly active.   Instead of doing katas or breaking board we teach the kids through games and fun skill drills.  Also we teach a variety of basics in a variety of styles.  Most schools focus on one style of martial art.  We teach a variety of styles, each week changing the curriculum so your kids never get bored.

Last but not least we cater to the Home school life style and have our classes at 12:30 pm much like a gym class at school would be.  We don’t do LONG TERM CONTRACTS.  We do short term sessions to coincide with the seasons, fall , winter, and spring.  As always we are looking to increase our enrollment and welcome new students to try our classes.  Most recently we have been looking to start a TEEN MMA and Fitness program.  If any of these are interesting to you go to the website and fill out a form at shaddockmma.com.

Keep Your Hands Up,

Coach John “Bones” Shaddock

Grapplers Wanted in Sykesville, MD

If you are a former wrestler looking for that same kind of workout, this is the class for you.  If you are a high school or college wrestler looking for a great off season workout Shaddock MMA Fitness is the place for you.  We have submission wrestling AKA No Gi Jiujitsu 4 nights per week and open mat on Saturday.

At Shaddock MMA Fitness we teach a different style of grappling than the norm.  First off we don’t do belts we don’t wear uniforms, it’s just like wrestling practice in college or HS.  We have combined the basic take downs of wrestling, with 10th planet style of jiujitsu sprinkled with a little bit of catch wrestling.

Most importantly we incorporate a ton of fitness in our classes.  Not only will you be learning self defense, you will be getting in great shape.  We have competitive and non competitive grapplers.  We have teenagers and guys in their 40s.  people of all shapes and sizes, and all levels of grappling.

I hope you will come in and give us a try.  Contact me to come in and try two weeks for FREE.  Contact me at shaddockmma@comcast.net or 443-280-0812.



Coach John Shaddock


No Gi Jiujitsu in Sykesville, Maryland

If you miss the old wrestling practices, and loved grappling.  If you like jiujitsu but don’t want to wear a uniform and don’t much care about belts.  If you want to get fit while learning a ground based self defense than come to Shaddock MMA Fitness.  We bring back the energy and fun of the old wrestling workouts.  Learn techniques and work drills all the way to live one on one grappling.  Bring back the hard training and comradery of high school and college wrestling practice.  Each week we add more new moves and the training gets a little harder.  Whether you want to compete or just stay fit, this is the class for you.



Keep your hands up,


John “Bones” Shaddock


A different type of training in Carroll County Maryland

I have been involved in combat athletics since I was 3 years old training with my brothers on the wrestling mats we had in our garage. With a nick name like “Bones” my life was a struggle wanting to put on muscle and outgrow my nick name.  Being involved in sports like Wrestling, boxing and bodybuilding I learned how to get in peak condition as well as lose weight when necessary.   At age 46 when most people have retired I am still competitive and have learned how to train at this age and still stay injury free.

1982 New York State Private School Wrestling Bronze Medalist

1989 Vermont State Golden Gloves Finalist

1989 New England Diamond Belt Champion

1991 Vermont State Golden Gloves Finalist

1993 NPC Bodybuilding Finalist

2008 Battle of Baltimore Novice Jiujitsu champion

July 2014 Captain of Team USA 5 on 5 MMA Championships in Europe

December 2014 Coach of Team UK 5 on 5 MMA Championships in Europe

I know what it takes to win.  I know how to get you in great shape. Whether you want to fight in the ring or just look like you can I am the trainer for you.

I can train you in my gym or in your home, I even train people on Sundays if need be.

Contact me for a FREE 30 minute workout.

Keep your hands up,

John “The Original Bones” Shaddock