Why Are Women Boxing In Sykesville, Maryland

Boxing is a fantastic workout.  It will help you physically, Mentally and spiritually.  At Shaddock’s MMA And Fitness a large percentage of our classes are boxing related.  Lately I have noticed more and more women coming in the door to take my classes . The Huffington Post helps to demonstrate why more women are boxing in their blog.

PHYSICALLY– “Boxing burns 500 calories/hour builds lean muscle, develops stamina and endurance, and ramps up metabolism” according to the post.  The Fitboxing and Girlboxing classes at my gym get you in shape through boxing footwork drills and calisthenics as well as bag work.  The IronBoxing class combines weight training with training on the punching bags at the gym.

MENTALLY- The post blog suggest “The research on successful aging urges us to learn something new, strategic and to keep testing ourselves with new sequences and moves.” In our classes there are a variety of skills and drills that not only work you out physically but mentally as well. Each class has different stations and different drills, my classes train your body and your mind.

SPIRITUALLY– In the post they stated “nothing works one’s complete attention and concentration”  Boxing takes focus.  A lot of the skills require extreme focus.  A portion of my class my students participate in meditation.

Some boxing facilities turn women away, we welcome that.  In fact we have a women’s ONLY boxing class called GirlBoxing on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Come in and give us a try.

Keep your hands up,

John “Bones” Shaddock

Shaddock MMA Fitness To Celebrate 10th Anniversary

My name is John Shaddock and I am the owner of Shaddock MMA Fitness. I am proud to announce the April 2018 will be our tenth year in business. I do want to thank all of the residents in Carroll County and the surrounding areas. I understand that coming in to a new gym can be hard and coming into an MMA and boxing gym can be even more difficult. A lot of people want to learn how to box but don’t want to look stupid not knowing how to use the equipment right off. To help out I have created Fitbox101 which is a 30 minute instructional class that will go over the all of the basic movements of class without being
too tough of a workout. Beginning May 1st the class will meet twice a week for 30 minutes (530-6 Mon and Weds) for 8 classes. The most exciting thing is the price! Because the community has been so good to me I am going to do the trial for ONLY $20. I will be limiting this class to ONLY 10 people so don’t procrastinate. Pre-sale for this class begins April 1st.
To set up a time to register early email  me at shaddockmma@comcast.net.
Keep your hands up,
John Shaddock
Owner Shaddock MMA Fitness

You don’t have to be afraid to be a member at our gym in Sykesville, MD

Almost 20 years ago when I was working at Gold’s Gym in Charlotte North Carolina I remember having a conversation with the manager.  The manager I was speaking with was a former college football player.  Gerald had a body builders build, this guy was jacked.  I was surprised when he told me about when he was thinking of joining a gym, but waited in the parking lot for over an hour before he set foot in the gym.  This guy was actually scared to go in the gym.  He was afraid of what others would think about him.  Then I thought, wow, what does the average person think when they come into a gym, who has never worked out before?  We take all of that into consideration at Shaddock MMA Fitness. When you come in we try and make you feel at home.

Although the name may seem intimidating, Shaddock Mixed Martial Arts, I assure you the classes are not. You will get a great workout, but we encourage you to compete with yourself at your own pace. You will notice we have people in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s all working out together in the same class.  The other day I signed up a woman in her 70s.  The beauty of the design of the classes is they are set up so all levels can workout at the same time.  If you want a real “no judgment zone”, then come into our gym and try it out.  We have a great promotion going on right now for April Fools where you could win 3 personal training half hours by just registering on shaddockmma.com (put Facebook contest in the comments).  If you don’t win you will still receive one 30 minute session.  Give it a shot, all you have to lose is some unwanted pounds.


Keep your hands up,

John “Bones” Shaddock

I Want To Get In Shape Before I Join A Gym In Sykesville, MD

People always tell me “I want to get in shape before I join the gym.”  It sounds like a smart idea, but truth is most don’t follow through.  Let’s face it, if you could get in shape on your own, you would have by now. I get it, no one wants to be the NEW person in the gym who is out of shape.  All you really need is a little extra guidance and to pace yourself when you first start.  Unfortunately, most of the big name gyms forget about you once you join.  A lot of health clubs have 2,000 plus members which is hard to keep track of everyones attendance.  Once you sign on the dotted line you become just a number, not a name.  But we do things a little different at Shaddock MMA Fitness.

At Shaddock MMA Fitness, we are similar to Cheers in the fact that “everybody knows your name.”  We do group personal training in small intimate classes between 5-15 people.  We have members of all fitness levels, and as old as 75 yrs old. All of our classes are done on a time basis.  You do however many repetitions you can do in a set amount of time.  Whether you do 5 or 50 in that minute it’s all up to you.  You really do compete with yourself.  My goal is to get Sykesville fit one person at a time.  So come on in and try us out.  You will be glad you did. Contact me at shaddockmma@comcast.net for a FREE trial membership.

Keep your hands up,

John “Bones” Shaddock


The Benefits Of Exercising In Sykesville, MD

According to the Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Blog The following are the TOP 5 Benefits of a fitness program.

  1. Exercise controls weight
  2. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases
  3. Exercise improves mood
  4. Exercise boosts energy
  5. Exercise promotes better sleep

  The Beauty of working out at a gym like Shaddock MMA Fitness is all of the classes are designed for all levels.  Most people feel like they have to “get in shape”, before they join the gym.  At Shaddock MMA Fitness, nothing can be further from the truth.  Because we have a compete with yourself attitude and we have members of all shapes and sizes, new people feel very comfortable.  The Time Is Now ! So come on in and try a class.  Go to Shaddockmma.com for schedule of classes.  Get fit today!

keep Your Hands Up,

John Shaddock

Owner Shaddock MMA Fitness


The Evolution Of Shaddock MMA Fitness, In Sykesville, Maryland

In 2008 I was given an opportunity to take over a space and start teaching MMA in Sykesville, Maryland.   At the time I was working at Brick Bodies.  I had been in the health club business for 20 + years.   I had had 12 years of wrestling experience and was a former Diamond Belt Boxing Champion.  At first the emphasis was on MMA.  I had a fight team and we also had a boxing fitness class.  As years went on I had noticed a trend, that people were starting to go to MMA gyms not to fight, but for the workout experience.

After years of training fighters I have decided to take the knowledge of getting competitors into shape and teach the average person basic techniques so as to get them in great shape and learn some self defense as well.   I do train some fighters one on one but most of the clientele are what should be deemed regular people.  Doctor, lawyers, Police officers and such have started coming in to the gym to get fit.  I am hoping to get the word out that we are a gym for everyone.  Our motto is “Whether you want to fight in the cage, or just look like you can we are the gym for you.”   Although we have some teenagers who train at our gym, you will find our average customer is in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

If you are tired of the same old weight workout and step class, please come on in.  I have some very unique classes.  Go to shaddockmma.com for more information.   I hope to see you in the gym.


Keep your hands up,

John “Bones” Shaddock

Owner Shaddock MMA Fitness



Getting in the gym, it’s up to you in Sykesville Maryland

Shaddockmma logo The hardest part of joining a gym is just getting in the door.  A big part of not joining a health club, martial arts gym or working with a personal trainer is fear.  When they are training health club consultants they are taught to learn about the average persons’ fears.  Physique anxiety, fear of looking stupid, and fear of looking like a Klutz are the main ones that people experience.  The biggest thing to realize is everyone goes through this, everyone is afriad.  No one starts out going into a health club or martial arts studio for the first time knowing everything.  The other extreme is the person who was really fit, and gotten out of shape and is embarrassed on how they look now.  That again is another obstacle most find hard to over come, but you can do it.

What I love about my gym is we have people of all  ages, and all shapes and sizes.  I have people of all levels in the same class, people with injuries, young and old, fighters and people just getting fit all in the same class.  In my class you compete with yourself.  No one is going to worry about what your doing as they are working on there own fitness. My goal is to get Carroll County fit one person at a time.  I am hoping more people will get involved in a fitness program that are not already.  If you have a friend who could my class could help please share this with them.

Keep your hands up,

John “The Original Bones” Shaddock