Shaddock MMA Fitness’s Home School Fitness Program. What Is It All About.

Two years ago I was contacted by a friend and former member who’s child was being bullied in school and he was looking to home school his daughter.  He asked me if I would be interested in doing a day class for home school children to full fill their P.E. requirement.  Because of this my gym started our Home School program and I am so glad we did.

The difference between our school and most martial arts classes is that we do not wear uniforms or belts so we keep the cost low.  There are also no belt tests which again keeps the cost down.  More importantly is we do teach fitness through the martial arts.  Each class begins with a warm up and calisthenics.  We teach the basics of Boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and kick boxing.

Another big difference in our school and others is we keep the kids constantly active.   Instead of doing katas or breaking board we teach the kids through games and fun skill drills.  Also we teach a variety of basics in a variety of styles.  Most schools focus on one style of martial art.  We teach a variety of styles, each week changing the curriculum so your kids never get bored.

Last but not least we cater to the Home school life style and have our classes at 12:30 pm much like a gym class at school would be.  We don’t do LONG TERM CONTRACTS.  We do short term sessions to coincide with the seasons, fall , winter, and spring.  As always we are looking to increase our enrollment and welcome new students to try our classes.  Most recently we have been looking to start a TEEN MMA and Fitness program.  If any of these are interesting to you go to the website and fill out a form at

Keep Your Hands Up,

Coach John “Bones” Shaddock


Price and Value Of Your Fitness and Martial Arts Membership In Sykesville MD

In these economic times, understandably people are looking for the best price in anything.  Sometimes price makes sense.  Everyone likes a deal !  In the case of your health and fitness and self defense, you should really look at the value.  There are a lot of chain health clubs and McDojos out there boasting to be the best but what are you really gaining?

When I compare price to value, it will seem confusing, but here me out.  Is a $30 a month membership to gym you join worth it?   Are you getting service, instruction, and motivation?  If you don’t want or need any of those, then yes $30 per month is awesome.  For the many people I have met who have spent $30 a month and never go, it is wasted money.  At my gym you can train in small groups (10-15), or you can do personal training.  It’s not $30 a month, but you will see results.  What is better health, a slimmer waist line, a lower heart rate worth to you?  Can you put a price on that?

As far as the McDojos, and there are a few in my area, I look at the value in a different way.  I don’t charge for testing, belts etc.  I teach fitness through self defense.  You will learn how to defend yourself and be fit.  I don’t boast a guaranteed black belt in 3 years, but you will learn to defend yourself.  You will have an owner who is the instructor.  An owner who will roll with and spar with you.  You will learn hands on.  Having an owner on site helps to make changes when necessary to make the gym and the customers experience better.

We are not the cheapest fitness center in the area, we are not the most expensive dojo in the area, what I can tell you is we are the best value in the area.  I do hope you will come on in and try my gym.  Go to for schedule of classes.

Keep your hands up,

John Shaddock

Owner Shaddock MMA Fitness

Grapplers Wanted in Sykesville, MD

If you are a former wrestler looking for that same kind of workout, this is the class for you.  If you are a high school or college wrestler looking for a great off season workout Shaddock MMA Fitness is the place for you.  We have submission wrestling AKA No Gi Jiujitsu 4 nights per week and open mat on Saturday.

At Shaddock MMA Fitness we teach a different style of grappling than the norm.  First off we don’t do belts we don’t wear uniforms, it’s just like wrestling practice in college or HS.  We have combined the basic take downs of wrestling, with 10th planet style of jiujitsu sprinkled with a little bit of catch wrestling.

Most importantly we incorporate a ton of fitness in our classes.  Not only will you be learning self defense, you will be getting in great shape.  We have competitive and non competitive grapplers.  We have teenagers and guys in their 40s.  people of all shapes and sizes, and all levels of grappling.

I hope you will come in and give us a try.  Contact me to come in and try two weeks for FREE.  Contact me at or 443-280-0812.



Coach John Shaddock


No Gi Jiujitsu in Sykesville, Maryland

If you miss the old wrestling practices, and loved grappling.  If you like jiujitsu but don’t want to wear a uniform and don’t much care about belts.  If you want to get fit while learning a ground based self defense than come to Shaddock MMA Fitness.  We bring back the energy and fun of the old wrestling workouts.  Learn techniques and work drills all the way to live one on one grappling.  Bring back the hard training and comradery of high school and college wrestling practice.  Each week we add more new moves and the training gets a little harder.  Whether you want to compete or just stay fit, this is the class for you.



Keep your hands up,


John “Bones” Shaddock

Keeping your teens fit this summer in Sykesville, Maryland

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With summer just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about what your teen is going to get involved in this summer.  Too old for summer camp what will you have them do this summer.  Unfortunately with too much idle time a bored teen can be a handful and get themselves into trouble.  The solution, Shaddock MMA fitness.

We have classes to make every teen happy.  We have Fitbox and Fitbox circuit to get your kids in great shape.  For the competitive teen we have boxing with light contact which can bring them to the next level. For the aspiring wrestlers we have open mat classes and for the teens that want to learn a new sport and self defense we have Catch As Catch Can wrestling.

I have noticed that most markets are set for little kids and adults but the teens get left out.  Get your kids fit and keep them occupied this summer.  You will be glad you did.

Keep your hands up,

John “The original Bones” Shaddock

Looking For Wrestlers in Carroll County Maryland


The sport that got me involved in combat athletics was wrestling.  If you look closely on the picture I am the smallest one, I was the 94 pounder on the Varsity wrestling team my freshman year.  Being the smallest and skinniest of my brothers I earned the nick name Bones.

Years later it was because of my wrestling background that I would pursue jiujitsu classes and eventually get into catch as catch can wrestling.  Since I owe the fact that I own an MMA gym in a sense to wrestling I wanted to start an open mat class.  Every Tuesday and Thursday at 515 PM  we are having open mat for wrestling.  I am hoping to get high school, college and some old dogs like myself who want to dust off their uniforms and roll.  All are welcome.

Keep your hands up,

John “The Original Bones” Shaddock

A different type of training in Carroll County Maryland

I have been involved in combat athletics since I was 3 years old training with my brothers on the wrestling mats we had in our garage. With a nick name like “Bones” my life was a struggle wanting to put on muscle and outgrow my nick name.  Being involved in sports like Wrestling, boxing and bodybuilding I learned how to get in peak condition as well as lose weight when necessary.   At age 46 when most people have retired I am still competitive and have learned how to train at this age and still stay injury free.

1982 New York State Private School Wrestling Bronze Medalist

1989 Vermont State Golden Gloves Finalist

1989 New England Diamond Belt Champion

1991 Vermont State Golden Gloves Finalist

1993 NPC Bodybuilding Finalist

2008 Battle of Baltimore Novice Jiujitsu champion

July 2014 Captain of Team USA 5 on 5 MMA Championships in Europe

December 2014 Coach of Team UK 5 on 5 MMA Championships in Europe

I know what it takes to win.  I know how to get you in great shape. Whether you want to fight in the ring or just look like you can I am the trainer for you.

I can train you in my gym or in your home, I even train people on Sundays if need be.

Contact me for a FREE 30 minute workout.

Keep your hands up,

John “The Original Bones” Shaddock